Russia increased wheat bran exports by 17%


In June 2016 Russian exporters shipped more than 76 KMT of wheat bran, which was 82% higher than in June 2015 (about 42 KMT).

In 2015/16 Russia exported 17% more wheat bran than in the previous season (793.5 KMT against 679.6 KMT).

Traditionally, Turkey remains the key importer of Black Sea bran. In 2015/16 Turkey increased imports from Russia by 16.5% - to 710 KMT. Vietnam`s imports grew three-fold - to 37 KMT and China`s – two-fold (13.7 KMT). Lower volumes bought Mongolia and Georgia.

According to UkrAgroConsult, at the beginning of 2016/17 the tendency of growing wheat bran exports retains. In July 2016 Russian exporters shipped 59.5 KMT, which was 16% higher than in July 2015.



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