Russia, Iraq Agree on Russian Meat, Dairy Exports


Russia's agricultural watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor and the Iraqi Agriculture Ministry's animal health department have agreed on certificates for Russian dairy and finished meat product, beef and poultry exports to Iraq, Rosselkhoznadzor said Monday.

"The above products can be exported to Iraq until January 1 2017 when accompanied by the given documents. In order to continue trade after the given date, enterprises interested in trading with Iraq must go through a registration procedure which involves an evaluation of compliance with Iraqi veterinary standards by their supervisory authority experts. The registration of dairy plants is not required," the watchdog said in a statement.

Iraq also plans to improve its scientific and technical cooperation with Russia after appreciating the scientific potential of Russia's Federal Centre for Animal Health (ARRIAH) and the quality of its foot-and-mouth disease vaccines, the statement added.

"Iraq intends to continue importing Russian biological products against foot-and-mouth disease, as well as setting up deliveries of preventive veterinary medicines against bird flu," the watchdog said.

The two sides also agreed to sign a technical protocol governing the delivery of pathological material samples gathered from birds and animals in Iraq to ARRIAH facilities, where diagnosing work would be carried out. Rosselkhoznadzor was then invited to attend a seminar on containing bird flu due to be held in Baghdad.


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