Russia is more than 90% self-sufficient in pork

Russian pork currently holds more than 90% of the domestic market, however, to avoid the growth of export prices after the ban the supply from Brazil will not succeed, reported the head of Executive Committee of National meat Association Sergey Yushin
Russia is more than 90% self introduced temporary restrictions on deliveries to Russia of pork and products derived from cattle from Brazil from 1 December in connection with the discovery in the production of ractopamine, which is used to speed up animal growth.
"Russian pork today is more than 90% of the market. We even increase the export of certain products and parts," said Yushin, noting that the rapid growth of domestic production and the estimated increase in 2018-2020 will only bring wholesale prices to the average level 2016-2017 after a deep drop last two month.
According to experts, the speculative growth of export prices can not be avoided, but either way, the market will quickly find a balance. "A number of processing enterprises of Russia will change the recipe where it can be done without compromising quality, and in retail trade alternative to beef can be chicken, Turkey, and pork".
While Yushin said that Brazil is a key supplier of pork and beef. Especially, its share increased after the introduction of Russia's special economic measures in August 2014. "In recent years, Brazil has exported to Russia about 400 thousand tons of beef, pork and offal. In 2017, Brazil accounts for almost 60% to the supply of beef from foreign countries, or around 40% of purchases in Belarus. Pork Brazil has become almost a monopolist with a share of about 90%," - said the expert.
Yushin said that now Belarus provides almost half the needs of Russia in the beef. In addition, currently, 170 companies of Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, India and some other countries have the right supply of meat. "Now, importers have stepped up negotiations with these suppliers. Of course, immediately replace the fallen volumes will fail, but gradually will be found exactly those providers who will be ready to replace Brazil in the Russian market", - he said.
National meat Association is a non - profit organization formed by leading operators of the meat market in 2003. The Association members are companies such as Miratorg, Cherkizovo, "Agroimport" and others.

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