Russia may import 50 thousand tons of Turkish tomatoes


Dvorkovich called a valid delivery of 50 thousand tons of Turkish tomatoes to Russia in the coming months

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich on the TV channel "Russia-24" said that the government believes valid delivery to Russia of 50 thousand tons of tomatoes from Turkey.

"If to speak about Turkish tomatoes, our approaches identified, we believe a valid delivery to the Russian market for Turkish tomatoes in the amount of about 50 thousand tons in the next four to five months - from December to April, when we have no seasons and we ourselves are not enough tomatoes on the market. Possible. But we have identified four businesses that we know that we can control, which is possible with these supplies. Colleagues generally don't mind this approach at this stage", — said Dvorkovich.

"Nevertheless, we will look at the limitations that exist in the Turkish market for our agricultural products, for our exporters. If we see that our approach to the goods is not enough constructive is, of course, will not bring the adoption of the decision on access of Turkish tomatoes to the Russian market", — he added.

Russia banned the import of tomatoes and some other agricultural products from Turkey as from 1 January 2016. The measure was introduced after the Turkish air force in November 2015 shot down a Russian su-24 aircraft were in Syrian airspace. Subsequently, the list of prohibited importation into Russia of products was reduced as the normalization of relations with Turkey, but the ban on the import of tomatoes remains in force. In late September, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich made the lifting of the ban on import to Russia of Turkish tomatoes in 2017.


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