Russia. Monitoring the quality of grain


According to operational information of the Ministry of agriculture on progress of harvesting in the Russian Federation as of 21 September 2017 produced 117.7 million tonnes of grain and leguminous crops, including: wheat – 80.8 mln t and barley to 20.1 million tonnes.

From 29 June 2017 fgbi "Center for grain quality assessment" subordinated to the Rosselkhoznadzor carries out monitoring of quality of grain of new harvest. As of September 21, 2017 is already surveyed, 39.9 million tons of grain (wheat, barley, brewery barley, rye), which is 41.5% of gross collection in the surveyed regions.

Soft wheat were examined in 47 regions of the Russian Federation, in the amount of 34.1 million tonnes, which accounted for 43.6% of gross collection. When research revealed: wheat of 2nd grade - 0,1 %, wheat of 3rd grade - 21.8 %, or whole wheat - 23.2 million tonnes or 68.2 per cent, non-5th class – 10.8 million tons or 31.7%.

Given the fact that in the Siberian and Volga Federal districts continues cleaning, namely Siberia, characterized by high quality wheat, to the end of harvest the percentage of wheat of the 3rd class will exceed indicators of last year and may reach 25-26% of the total collection. Thus, the percentage of milling wheat in the harvest is expected to reach more than 70%, which is better than last year's results, including the actual weight.


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