Russia. No crop-threatening low temperatures occurred in March


Colder-than-usual weather dominated the North Western, Central and Volga federal districts in March. Winter cereals were covered with snow throughout the month.

The highest air temperature registered on March 1-10 was below freezing (-7…-2°C). On March 11-20, thaws (up to +1…4°C in the daytime) only occurred in western areas of the North-Western district and single north-western areas in the Central district. Later in the month, 4-6 days of thaw (up to 3…6°C in the daytime) were observed in most of the Central district, in the western half of the North-Western district and in the south and west of the Volga district. Snow cover melted and got compact there.

No crop-threatening low temperatures occurred. The conditions were mostly fair for wintering of crops. The risk of rotting-out of winter crops only remained in part of the fields in single north-eastern areas of the Central district, the north of the Volga district and the east of the North-Western district. The reason is that the soil was mildly frozen or even thawed there and its minimum temperature at a 3-cm depth approximated 0°C.

Part of the fields in the southern half of the Central district and in the south-west of the Volga federal district are covered with ice crust. However, its thickness is insignificant (3 to 20 mm), therefore it poses no serious threat to plants. The conditions for survival of winter crops were fair. No crop-threatening low temperatures were registered there, either.

In the southern half of the Southern federal district and in the North Caucasian district, warm weather persisted on most days in March. The meteorological conditions mostly favored crops and they were supplied with enough moisture. Winter crops were fertilized in these areas on March 21-31, single farmers even started sowing early spring crops (somewhat later than last year). The meteorological conditions were predominantly fair for conducting spring fieldwork, reports UkrAgroConsult.

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