Russia. Novorossiysk port increases elevator capacities


New port terminal elevator capacities of the subsidiary company of PJSC “Novorossiysk Grain Plant” were constructed in Novorossiysk. "With the introduction of elevator complex for 110 KMT, the terminal of PJSC “NGP” became the largest among Russian deep-water ports for grain storage and handling," said Mikhail Kiyko, the General Director of “United Grain Company”. Total storage capacity in this terminal will reach 300 KMT before July 2018.

As a part of the long-term development program, terminal capacities will be increased from almost 6 MMT to 10 MMT of grain per year. The end of large-scale modernization of enterprise is scheduled for 2018, reports UkrAgroConsult.

In the development program of JSC OZK, much attention is paid to the Southern grain corridor, for which Novorossiysk port is the key gateway for main exports of Russian grain. Conducted works on elevator construction will allow port capacities to receive grain from Russian producers for temporary storage even in January-February, which was previously impossible because of the lack of necessary storage capacities. Due to weather conditions, loading to vessels is not carried out, so in previous years grain reception was suspended, which had a negative impact on its prices and producers’ income.




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