Russia. Rapeseed oil production decreased 26% in 2016/17


27 KMT of rape oil was produced in Russia in December 2016 against 21.1 KMT in November 2016 and 24.7 KMT in December 2015. In total, rape oil production amounted to 155.8 KMT in 2016/17 (July-December), or down 26% from the same time in 2015/16 (210.9 KMT). These developments have been observed in the crushing sector for a second season in a row, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Apart from the fact that about 1 MMT was harvested in 2016 (the crop record is 1.5 MMT), this season’s oilseed exports are more active than a year ago, almost twice as high. 

The drawn-out beginning of this season’s rapeseed harvest and its lag behind last year caused a shortage in the feedstock market early in the season and affected crusher performance. As UkrAgroConsult expected, rape oil production peaked in September-October, when its volumes reached 30-34 KMT a month.



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