Russia reduced import of meat and milk, but increased import of cheese and cottage cheese


For eight months of 2018 Russia has reduced imports of meat, condensed cream and milk but significantly increased import of cheese and cottage cheese.

According to the Federal customs service, the import of meat (except poultry) decreased by 37.9% compared to the same indicator last year, to 257.3 thousand tons (in value terms - by 29.7%, to $931.9 million).

Import of poultry meat has decreased by 13.2% to 135.5 thousand tons (by 11.6% to $218.9 million).

Deliveries of meat products and canned meat to the Russian market decreased by 0.7% to 11.9 thousand tons.

Fish import decreased by 2.1% to 244.9 thousand tons (in value terms – it increased by 19.4% to $799.2 million).

The import of condensed cream and milk decreased by 43.9%, to 92.6 thousand tons (or by 53.8%, to $172.7 million), as well as butter - by 29% to 55.2 thousand tons (or by 35.9%, to $263.6 million).

The import of cheese and cottage cheese has increased by 76.4% to 259.2 thousand tons. In August, compared to July, deliveries increased almost six times, to 121.9 thousand tons. In value terms, import of cheese and cottage cheese for eight months has increased by 1.1% compared to last year, to $612.8 million (in August compared to July, imports in value terms decreased by 12.8% to $72 million).

For eight months Russia has also increased imports of bananas (by 1.9%, to 1,052 million tons), citrus (by 10.2%, to 885.3 thousand tons), apples (by 28.8%, to 792.2 thousand tons); coffee (by 5.7%, to 127.8 thousand tons), tea (by 4.4%, to 114.8 thousand tons); cocoa beans (by 10%, to 33 thousand tons), cocoa butter (by 12.7%, to 22.9 thousand tons), products, containing cocoa (by 24.4% to 64.2 thousand tons).

The import of palm oil (by 23.8% to 651.6 thousand tons) and vegetable oil (by 27.8% to 18.1 thousand tons) has also increased.

The import of raw sugar has decreased by 77.9% to 3.7 thousand tons. Supplies of white sugar have increased by 2.2% to 177 thousand tons.  

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