Russia. Share of winter crops in poor condition expanded to 7.8%


According to adjusted information of Russia’s Ag Ministry, the area planted to winter cereals for the 2018 harvest equals 17.1 Ml ha (17.4 Ml ha in 2017).

Out of their total acreage, winter crops in good and fair condition occupy 15.8 Ml ha, or 92.2% (95.6% in 2017), while those in poor condition (sparse, unemerged crops) account for 1.3 Ml ha, or 7.8% of plantings (767.8 Th ha, or 4.4% in 2017), reports UkrAgroConsult.

The share of poor winter crops expanded from last month’s 5.7% to 7.8% due to its increases in the Central federal district (from 2.8% to 5.3%), North-Western district (from 11.7% to 19.2%), Southern district (from 3.5% to 7.8%), and Volga district (from 6.8% to 11.2%).

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