Russia. Soybean crushing capacities may exceed 7 MMT


The All-Russian Fat Research Institute forecasts the soybean crushing potential will reach some 10.3 MMT by 2020, informs UkrAgroConsult. At the same time, capacities of specialized oil-extraction plants alone may total 22.4 KMT a day, or 7.3 MMT a year. The forecast level could be achieved provided all the planned projects for constructing new soybean crushing facilities are implemented successfully. 

Soybean output more than tripled in the past decade and reached 2.7 MMT last year. However, the capacities available in the country enable crushing more than 4 MMT. Demand for processed soybean products strengthens from year to year therefore, to meet it the country has to import about 2 MMT of soybeans. 

UkrAgroConsult forecasts soybean production in Russia to continue expanding this year. Owing to a 4% increase in Russian soybean planted acreage  and a 10-11% rise in the average yield, Russian farmers have already got 3 MMT of soybeans (against 2.7 MMT in 2015) from 89% of their harvest area.



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