Russia. The Ministry expects growth of agriculture in 2017, not less than 4%


The growth of agriculture in Russia in 2017 will be at least 4%. This forecast was voiced by Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev in interview to TV channel "Russia 24"

In 2016, the growth of agriculture in Russia amounted to more than 4%, the Minister said. "We just dispersed. We cannot be stopped", — said the Minister.

Today, agriculture is benefiting from the sanctions, but after the abolition of bradenburg automatic reset old importers on the Russian market will not, their place is occupied by Russian suppliers.
"Today, the village wins. The longer sanctions last, the more you win, the Russian peasant and the country as a whole. We are very close to 5-7 years to feed their country with food products. It is the historical mission", — said Tkachev.


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