Russia. Thick snow layer protected winter crops from severe frosts


Severe frosts observed in some parts of Central Russia and Volga regions during the Christmas holidays had no adverse impact on winter crop condition. Protection was provided by a thick snow layer that settled previously, reports UkrAgroConsult.

According to the Agriculture and Food Ministry of Tatarstan, the fields of this republic are covered with 25-30 cm of snow. This is enough to protect winter crops from frost.

In Saratov region, the depth of snow cover averages 19 cm against normal 13 cm. Even at the coldest nights, soil temperature at the tillering node depth varied from -2°C to -5°C, even falling to -7-12°C in some regions. This posed no danger to winter crops.

Snow cover in Belgorod region is also sufficient for winter crops. The latter entered the winter in excellent condition; their germination percentage exceeded 98%. 

As a reminder, according to the Russian statistics agency, Russia’s winter crops for the 2017 harvest were sown on an area of 11.7 Ml ha that is 2.4% more than for the 2016 harvest.

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