Russia. Weather factor reducing grain planted areas and crop potential


Spring sowing in Russia is nearly over. Like in the case of Ukraine, it featured smaller-than-projected planted areas of most major cereals in favor of oil crops. This was caused by a number of factors ranging from price to weather ones, which had a decisive impact on each of the crops, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Planting of spring cereals in Russia was 94% complete as of mid-June. Their seeding is 95% the progress of last year. This is not so bad in view of its late start, tight schedule, and weather constraints.

Apart from adverse weather in the regions of spring wheat growing, the agrometeorological conditions deteriorated in the key regions where winter wheat is cultivated. A substantial precipitation deficit was observed in most of South Russia in April-May, resulting in exhaustion of soil moisture supply and spread of drought.

As this deterioration of growing conditions occurred at the time of grain filling, it may substantially reduce yield potential in both wheat and barley.

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