Russia. Wheat of strong and premium varieties represents 18% of the new crop


For now, the share of wheat of strong and premium varieties (containing over 23% of gluten) in the new crop equals 18%.

Roughly 4.5 MMT of grain has been surveyed, including 4.3 MMT of wheat. Out of the surveyed wheat, 780 KMT (18%) was represented by strong and premium varieties.

The share of 4th class wheat (18% to 22% of gluten) equaled 53.5%, or 2.3 MMT.

The survey revealed 1.2 MMT of 5th class wheat, or 28.4% of the examined grain.

5.1 KMT of 1st to 4th class wheat (41.4% of the surveyed volume) was revealed in the Central federal district, 1.3 MMT (70%) in the Southern federal district, and 50.9 KMT (86.1%) in the Volga federal district.

Barley profitability was at 24.0%, down 1.4% from 2016 (25.4%). At the same time, profitability of barley growing on private farms equaled 25.6% in 2017.




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