Russia. Wheat production is likely to surpass all expectations


The beginning of 2016/17 season was characterized by constantly raised grain production estimates. Revision of harvesting area expectations and record high grain yields were the main drivers of crop estimates increase.

Rosstat informed that winter crops losses was only 364 Th ha during wintering. This is 3.1% of total planted area compared to February estimates at 10-11% and last year's losses at 9.9%.

Favorable weather conditions in winter along with sufficient amount of heat and moisture in spring and summer ensured high wheat productivity this year (in particular – winter wheat) in most regions. Concerns that excessive rainfalls in spring and summer could trigger yields decline, did not prove true.

Harvesting campaign shows yields increase by 12% compared to last year (wheat has been gathered from 50% of the intended area).

Thus, Russia expects all-time high wheat gross crop as well as total grain crop.

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