Russia will not take out half of the wheat


In the current season, according to forecasts of the Ministry of agriculture, gross grain harvest in Russia will amount to about 113 million tonnes, of which about 70 million tonnes will be wheat. In this regard, particular attention lately paid to the state of the Russian market, because the volume of crops you need to sell to someone or somewhere to store

According to information provided by the head of the educational centre "Alpari" V. G. Rostov-na-Donu Yulia Kharitonova on a press-conferences "the exchange Rate and consumer prices. What to expect the people of Dona in light of the new international situation" held on Thursday, the total storage capacity of grain in the whole country does not exceed 115 million tons. It should include a measure of carryover from year to year reserves.

In fact, store up to 100 million tons, provided that the elevators are in perfect condition. However, for the country 40% of the silos are technically not ready to work. New elevators almost not built, as it is unprofitable – the payback period of such a project is approximately 20 years.

According to Yuri Kornus, expert pricing, Trade-industrial chamber of the Rostov region in the current year, 120 million tons of grain really need to sell about 40 million tons. Unfortunately, while the exports amounted to about 23 – 25 million tonnes. While the rest of the volume is added to the crossing inventory, which is still high.

Also Yuri Cornus allocated Rostov oblast as one of the most perspective regions of Russian grain exporters:

    "In the Rostov region grain harvest already exceeds 9 million tons. Of this amount actually sell 4-6 million tons annually, especially as the region has capacity storage of grain at the level of 10 – 12 million tons. Also the region attractive for foreign investors. At the beginning of this year, the French company Louis Dreyfus launched a new grain terminal in Azov. The initial storage capacity is 800 thousand tons per year, and in the future the volume of transshipment is expected to increase to 1 million tons".

Experts said that at present, steel demand industrial crops, particularly canola, chickpea, flax. It is therefore necessary to develop the export of traditional product groups, but to increase the shipment volume of industrial crops and expand their markets.


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