Russia. Winter cereals in Orenburg region endangered with winterkill


Unfavorable weather conditions for winter wheat have developed in Orenburg region. Too little or no snow in the fields along with severe frost may result in winterkill of crops. The regional Ag Ministry predicts full loss or damage of winter crops in some areas, informs UkrAgroConsult.

636.2 Th ha (some 80% of plan) was sown to winter cereals for the 2018 harvest in the Orenburg region. Adverse weather in the fall also put a constraint on sowing.

The conditions continue to be fair for winter crops, though being adverse in some areas, the Ag Ministry of Orenburg region reports. As snow cover decreased, frost brought soil temperatures at the 3-cm depth to -5…-12°С in late January, locally even to -14…-21°С.

Frost may kill most of underdeveloped winter wheat in central parts of the region, where snow cover is 1-6-cm high or absent at all. Even well-developed plants may be damaged in some areas.

In case of loss of winter cereals, the region will use its emergency stock of spring cereal seeds for reseeding, the Ministry said.

In general, the weather conditions in the European part of Russia remain mostly favorable for survival of winter cereals.

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