Russia’s Ag Ministry reported surplus of high-quality wheat in the country


Russian ag minister A. Tkachev pointed out surplus of 3rd grade wheat in Russia, even taking into account exports, informs UkrAgroConsult.

“The share of 3rd grade wheat in total exports amounts to 20%. Even taking exports into account, we have surplus of this type’s wheat,” the minister said.

At the same time, the bulk of exports is represented by 4th grade wheat - 75% of the total volume of deliveries, Tkachev stressed.

“We fully meet our needs for quality wheat. The share of 3rd and 4th grade milling wheat in the 2016 harvest exceeded 70%. In absolute terms this equals 52 MMT (3rd grade - 16 MMT, 4th grade - 36 MMT). So, the total crop of milling wheat hit a six-year high,” - the minister added.

He explained that this share of 4th grade wheat results from strong demand for it from exporters due to its price/quality ratio.

Meanwhile, roughly 10 MMT of wheat was used for flour production in Russia last year, including 70% of 3rd grade milling wheat, Tkachev said.



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