Russia’s grain harvest exceeded expectations


The Agriculture Ministry of Russia reports record total output of cereals and pulses in 2016, which is preliminarily estimated at 119.1 MMT of grain in net weight, or 13.7% more than in 2015 (104.8 MMT), informs UkrAgroConsult.

This includes an all-time high 73.3 MMT of wheat (61.8 MMT was harvested in 2015). The total crop of corn for grain was also record high at 13.8 MMT, or up 5% from the previous year (13.2 MMT).

The crop of rye also exceeded last year’s level (2.5 MMT against 2.1 MMT in 2015), as well as groats production (2.9 MMT against 2.5 MMT). The year closed with a bumper buckwheat crop of 1.2 MMT (the previous high was 1 MMT in 2007). The millet harvest was at 0.6 MMT that is above last year’s output.

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