Russian Ag Ministry planned taking out 1 MMT of grain for reduced freight rates in MY 2018/19


The Ag Ministry of Russia proposes setting the 2018/19 quota for reduced-tariff grain shipments from remote regions at 1.024 MMT, reports UkrAgroConsult.

It is planned to distribute this quota among the following five regions: Omsk (350 KMT), Novosibirsk (294 KMT), Orenburg (150 KMT), Kurgan (130 KMT), and Krasnoyarsk (100 KMT).

In addition, the draft document establishes the following minimum purchase prices for grains taken out from those regions (including VAT): 3rd grade wheat – RUB 8900/MT, 4th grade wheat – RUB 7600/MT, 5th grade wheat – RUB 6400/MT, barley – RUB 6500/MT. 

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