Russian barley’s prospects in 2017/18 season


The planting in Russia is in full swing now: spring cereals have already been sown on almost three-fourth of their planned area. Spring barley has been sown on over 80% of the projected acreage. At the same time, according to current reports, the planting pace lags 5-6% behind last year. However, this year’s late arrival of warmth postponed planting and Russian farmers still have a possibility to sow as much spring barley as planned, UkrAgroConsult notes.

Nevertheless, it is planned to reduce its sown area to a much greater degree than expected. In view of falling margins and high carryover stocks of barley, farmers replace it with other crops such as corn or soya.

Thus, given the decreased plantings along with a three-year average yield, UkrAgroConsult forecasts Russia’s total barley crop in 2017/18 season on average down 4-5% from 2016.

According to UkrAgroConsult estimates, Russian exportable barley stocks can theoretically amount to 25% of total crop in the new season.

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