Russian government gave up wheat export duty forever


The government of Russia has given up wheat export duty forever, said Russian vice-premier Arkadiy Dvorkovich.

“We are 99% sure that we’ll not return to this. Hope, there will be no force-majeure situation,” he said. Dvorkovich pointed out that the export duty imposition was not the best decision but there was no other option in those macro-economic conditions.

UkrAgroConsult reminds charging a duty on Russian wheat exports began in the summer of 2015. The formula for its calculation changed a few times after the imposition. It equaled 50% of the customs value minus RUB 6,500 but no less than RUB 10 per ton. The Russian government reduced the wheat export duty to zero for the period from September 23, 2016 till July 1, 2018.

Will Russia maintain leadership in the export market in future, given the current trend of port industry development? UkrAgroConsult is going to answer this question in a new market study “Russia: Record crop vs Grain-handling capacities deficit”.




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