Russian growers may expand rapeseed plantings


The interest of Russian farmers in rapeseed growing has somewhat declined over recent years. According to preliminary estimates by Russia’s Agriculture Ministry, growers managed to harvest 1.4% less rapeseed in the current season 2016/17 than a year ago – 998 KMT. This result can be regarded as satisfactory, taking into account that it was gained despite a planted acreage drop, heavy winter losses and a yield below the five-year average, reports UkrAgoConsult.

Despite of the bulk of the rapeseed crop is traditionally used as feedstock for processing facilities, the foreign trade in rapeseed, on the contrary, features a rise in shipments. Already now, July-November 2016/17 commodity exports were 33% above the volume exported for the entire season 2015/16.

Nevertheless, the interest of Russian farmers, similarly to that of Ukrainian peers, in rapeseed growing next season is stirred up by favorable prices not only for the commodity itself but also for products of its processing, Svetlana Kupreeva, oilseed analyst of UkrAgroConsult, notes. All the mentioned above suggests that planted acreage for the 2017/18 harvest (winter and spring rape) will exceed 1 Ml ha.

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