Russian soybeans will trade on the Moscow Exchange


The Moscow Exchange started trading soybeans on May 23. It plans to trade the commodity in deliverable forward contracts and swap contracts, with at least a three-day delay in settlement of transactions, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The participants are offered three types of soybean classification by protein content with actual humidity. The community’s experts, the Fat-and-Oil Union of Russia, and major market participants were closely consulted while establishing the parameters.

At the initial stage, exchange trades will be held on a delivery basis of LLC Bureyskoye Grain Plant, which is the first accredited basis all over the Far East. It is planned to expand the geography of trade in the future through involving accredited delivery bases in other regions.

The soybean trade launch was initiated by the Fat-and-Oil Union of Russia and agricultural product market participants in Amur region of the Far East federal district, which accounts for over 50% of Russian total soybean production.

Russia. A new rapeseed crushing plant will be built in Bashkiria

An investment project for setting up a rapeseed and grain growing and processing complex is planned in Askinsky district of Bashkiria.

The project was initiated by LLС Oleokemix. It envisages building a rapeseed crushing plant capable of processing over 30 KMT of rapeseed and making over 10 KMT of rape oil a year. An elevator with a storage capacity of up to 50 KMT is to be erected on the same site. 

The total amount of investment will be RUB 1.6 Bl. The project’s implementation is scheduled for 2020.  

Reportedly, investment prospects of this project are based primarily on strong demand for rape oil in world markets. In addition, steady demand is observed for rapeseed cake from both domestic and foreign buyers.

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Further prospects of the Black Sea oilseeds/vegoils market will be discussed at the VI International Conference “Black Sea Oil Trade”, which will take place on September 20, 2018 in Hilton hotel, Kiev, Ukraine.



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