Russian State Statistics Service announced preliminary results of the 2017 harvest


The Russian State Statistics Service published preliminary results of the harvest in Russia. The preliminary figure for the crop of cereals and pulses was confirmed at a record 134.1 MMT in net weight, or 11.2% more than in 2016.

Farmers harvested 17.1% more wheat (85.8 MMT), 14.4% more barley (20.6 MMT) and 0.2% more rye (2.5 MMT). At the same time, the harvest of corn for grain was just 12.1 MMT, or 21.3% less than a year ago.

The total crop of cereals and pulses in bunker weight amounted to almost 141 MMT. Thus, this year’s portion of unused waste equaled 4.9%, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The 2017 yield of cereals and pulses increased to 2.91 MT/ha against 2.62 MT/ha in 2016, 2.37 MT/ha in 2015 and 2.41 MT/ha in 2014. This included a 16.4% rise in wheat yield (3.12 MT/ha), while barley and rye yields were up 18.6% (2.62 MT/ha) and 6.9% (2.17 MT/ha), respectively. At the same time, yield of corn for grain fell by 11.6% to 4.87 MT/ha. 

Apart from corn, total rice production also dropped: down 9% at 984 KMT according to preliminary information. This is the lowest level since 2013. Buckwheat production, on the contrary, increased by 28.1% to 1.5 MMT. The harvest of pulses increased 45% to 4.3 MMT, while oat production was up 14.4% at 5.4 MMT.



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