Saudi Grains Organization to import 630,000 tons of wheat

Saudi Grains Organization (SAGO) has completed measures to import 630,000 tons of wheat during 2018 from European Union countries, Australia, and South and North America, except Canada.
The fourth batch will arrive during November-December on board 10 ships through the Kingdom’s ports on the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea, according to sources.
Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz Al-Faris, SAGO governor, said the batch comes as an extension of the Kingdom’s plan to cover the local demand for wheat and preserve its strategic stocks.
Last week, SAGO said it has completed procedures for tenders to import 1,500,000 tons of fodder barley from EU countries, Australia, North and South America (excluding Canada) and the Black Sea.
Al-Faris said that 11 international companies have been awarded the contract for supplying through 17 vessels at different ports in the Kingdom.
He said the move comes as an extension of a plan to cover the local demand for fodder barley.
SAGO aims to maintain its status as one of the most important sectors in the field of food security by following the best practices to develop and enhance its activities.

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