Significant increase in Indonesia’s corn production


Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture is confident the country will enjoy a surplus in corn production. Ketut Kariyasa, Head of the Agricultural Data and Information System Centre said corn production in Indonesia increased significantly in the last four years. “In 2017, production increased 5.3 mt from the previous year’s 23.6 mt. This year, the positive trend will persist.

With an average productivity of 5.2 tonnes/ha and a total corn planted area of 5.74 million ha, this year’s corn production is estimated at more than 29 million tonnes,” Mr Kariyasa explained. Of the 2018 estimated corn production, 40.8% will be from Java and 59.2% from outside Java. Mr Kariyasa said the feed industry is the main user of local corn. “The industry needs around 7.8-8.5 million tonnes annually. It’s predicted that in the next 10 years, demand from the industry will reach more than 16 million tonnes.”


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