Situation with restrictions in Russian-Turkish trade is not blackmail - Turkey’s Foreign Ministry


Turkey is for complete removal of import and export restrictions in trade with Russia, Turkish Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Huseyin Muftuyoglu said at a briefing on Thursday.

"Our stance regarding the need to lift all restrictions in trade between Turkey and Russia remains relevant. It is wrong to see attempts of blackmail in the current situation (with restrictions on imports of Russian grain - TASS). There is no blackmail in international relations," he told TASS correspondent.

Muftuyoglu said that "the existing restrictions hamper the achievement of the task on boosting the figures of bilateral trade that was set by the presidents of two countries."

"I think that the representatives of the relevant agencies will meet, consider the situation and make the decision," he said.

Turkey excluded Russia from the list of countries free of duties for imports of agricultural products starting March 15. Now, Russia and some other countries are not on the list of states with duty-free imports that can deliver commodities for further processing and export free of payment of the duty amounting to 130%. Previously Russian exporters and their Turkish customers imported grain meant for processing and further export with zero duty, while they still had to pay a 130% duty in order to sell products locally.


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