Snow fell in the northern regions of Romania


Average air temperatures gradually sank all over the country: Weather followed a normal long-term trend for this time of year, reports UkrAgroConsult. Air temperatures averaged -2..+11°C, reaching a high of +16°C in the south at the beginning of the reporting week.

Rain and snow were observed all across the country. In the southern regions, weekly precipitation totaled 35-50 mm and caused waterlogging of fields. Abundant snowfalls (10-25 cm) were registered in northern and central parts of Romania late in the week.

According to UkrAgroConsult information, due to further cooling, meteorologists forecast conditions for the formation of ice crust in southern and central parts of the country. Sufficient and optimal amounts of productive moisture (0-20 cm) are available to winter crops, except for small areas in the west and in the Danube Delta region. Winter crops plants have achieved 3rd leaf stage almost everywhere and tillering stage in the south.

More information on crop conditions and progress in harvesting/seeding campaign in the countries of Black Sea Region is available to subscribers for weekly market report "Black Sea Grain & Oil" by UkrAgroConsult.



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