Soil moisture shortage persists in Ukraine


The weather conditions dominating Ukraine from June 30 till July 7 were not very favorable for harvesting early cereals and growth and development of late crops, either. Although downpours with thunderstorms, locally with hail and squally wind, were seen throughout most of early July, they were scarcely effective and, in addition, extremely unevenly distributed over the country, reports UkrAgroConsult.

So, according to the Institute of Irrigated Farming, shower rain with a thunderstorm occurred in most of Kherson region on July 4. The precipitation rate approximated 16 mm in the south-west of the region, 8-10 mm in its western, northern and central areas, and 0.1-0.7 mm in the east, south and some Azov coastal areas. This replenished topsoil moisture content in late crops to some degree. In addition, air temperatures went down.

However, moisture supply in the one-meter soil layer in corn plantings is still insufficient and critical. Only areas under vegetative irrigation have fair and good content of productive moisture in the one-meter soil layer.

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