Southern Romania started planting of sunflower


Above-normal temperatures were reported almost all over the country (up 2ºC from long-term normals for this time of year). The average air temperature varied within +8..+17ºC over the week. Maximum temperatures hit +22ºC in the north-eastern regions bordering on Moldova and Hungary. The lowest temperature – 1ºC – below zero was observed in Central Romania at night.

Precipitation occurred all over the country during the week, totaling 5-20 mm. Soil drought in the 0-100 cm and 0-20-cm layers persists in the central regions, locally in the south and west of Romania, in regions bordering on Hungary. Romanian farmers are waiting for the forecasted rains, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The 5-cm soil layer warmed up to +7..+18ºC that was favorable for further planting of early spring crops (barley, oats, peas). All the plants have emerged. Also, farmers are preparing to sow late spring crops. Many southern farms have actually completed planting of corn and started planting of sunflower. Northern parts have also begun corn sowing campaign. This week average temperature is expected to reach +26ºC, which is favorable for late spring crops sowing.   

Winter cereals planted prior to October 20 are at the tillering and stem elongation stages. Plant condition is primarily good and fair.

Winter rape plants have proceeded to the budding stage almost everywhere.

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