Spain pips Russian and Germany as top European feed producer


Spain replaced Germany as the EU's top produce of animal feed producer in 2016, the Alltech Global Feed survey said, growing 8.0% year-on-year, as global feed production hits a record high of over 1bn tonnes.

Growth across the whole European region was slower, Alltech said, up 3.3%.

"Some of this slow growth can be attributed to the tumultuous year the European Union has seen with Brexit and the reform of agriculture subsidies".

And Alltech noted the fall in feed production within the European diary industry.

Rising global production

Alltech's survey showed global feed production up 3.7% as a whole, to 1.03bn tonnes.

The fastest growth was seen in Africa, up some 13%, and in the Middle East, where feed output grew by nearly 17%.

"Shining stars for the region include Nigeria, Algeria, Tunisia, Kenya and Zambia, all of which saw growth of at least 30%," Alltech said.

production in Asia rose by 4.9%, in Latin America by 4.0%.

"North America feed production remains relatively flat," said Alltech, with production actually down 1.5%, the only region where it fell.

"The region continues to lead feed production in beef, turkey, pet and equine."

Consolidating trend

The survey also showed the continued consolidation of the industry, with the rise in feed production achieved with 7% fewer feed mills.

"This trend has been most notable in the largest producing country, China, which has seen tremendous consolidation of feed mills in recent years and this year reported a nearly 30% decline in feed mills," Alltech said.

"This year clearly demonstrates the growing efficiency and consolidation of the feed industry," noted Aidan Connolly, chief innovation officer at Alltech.


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