Spanish grain production needn't go the way of lettuce


Spanish grain production is unlikely to see the same problems as dogged its vegetable production, as rains replenish reservoirs after a dry spell.

The Spanish consultancy Agroinfomarket forecast wheat production to ease next season, thanks to a slight drop in planted areas.

Soft wheat production was seen at 6.07m tonnes, down from 6.71m tonnes in the 2016 harvest, thanks to a 10,000 drop in planted area to 1.791m hectares.

Jose Murillo at Agroinfomarket said the production was "very tentative", being based on historical trends, leaving room for weather effects.

All grain production to fall

And for durum, production was seen falling to 932,000 tonnes, from 989,000 tonnes last season.

Barley production was seen at 7.73m tonnes, down from 9.46m tonnes last season.

Corn production was also seen down a touch 129,000 tonnes, at 3.49m tonnes.

No weather worries so far

Spain has had a very dry winter, causing a shortage of many vegetable, including lettuce, which forced supermarkets in Europe to ration buyers.

But the weather situation is not yet a concern for grain production.

"The winter has been very dry," Jose Murillo at Infoagromarket told Agrimoney, "but it has started to rain".

Mr Murillo said rain would be needed in February to replenish reservoirs, but that there was as yet "no problem" for the Spanish grain crop.

"There is nothing concerning so far," he said, "the weather is good".

Rising demand for 2016-17

Infoagromarket revised upward its ideas of grain demand, thanks to the booming Spanish feed production.

Soft wheat consumption in 2017-18 was seen at 10.10m tonnes, down a touch from 10.22m tonnes in the previous season. .

Soft wheat ending stocks were seen at 675,000 tonnes, down from 851,000 tonnes at the end of 2016-17.


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