Sparseness of winter crops reported in Russia


Variable weather with rain of varying intensity dominated most of European Russia in October. Most areas received 50-80 mm of precipitation over the month, even 100-110 mm and more in the west of the Central federal district and in some parts of the North-Western one. The harvest of cereals, rapeseed and flax drew to an end almost everywhere in October, while that of sugar beet, sunseed, corn and soybeans still went on. At the same time, farmers completed the autumn planting of cereals for the 2018 harvest, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Growth of winter crops continued throughout the first 20 days of October. Depending on the planting date, winter cereals were at the stages of emergence, leaf formation and tillering. On October 11-20, the conditions were primarily favorable for growth of winter cereals: plants were well supplied with heat and moisture. Their growth stopped in the majority of areas after October 20.

Farmers continued harvesting late grain crops and sunseed in most of the territory in October. The weather was favorable for this work on most of the days. The planting of winter cereals for the 2018 harvest ended in the northern half of the territory, but still continues in its southern half.

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