Spring-2018 to play into hands of Black Sea sunflower seed producers


Black Sea region is the largest producer of sunflower seed in the world. Now the region's share in the global sunflower seed production is nearly 61%. For comparison, in 2001 this share was only 28%.

Over this period, sunflower seed production has increased from 6 MMT to 28 MMT in 2017. The record high sunflower seed crop was gathered in 2016 – 30 MMT, owing to favorable weather. If we look at the production by country, Ukraine and Russia are the leading countries in the region with a share of 80% in the region’s production.

As sunflower seed production continued to grow in the Black Sea countries, the exports increased as well. Over the period under review (2001-2007), exports grew in 6 times. Romania is currently the largest sunseed exporter. The country sells abroad around 80% of its harvest.

The prospects for season 2018/19 look quite optimistic. Insufficient sowing of spring cereals is the main factor, due to delayed spring sowing season, which is typical for all Black Sea countries.

UkrAgroConsult expects an expansion of sunflower planted area in the region and increase in sunflower seed production by 9% to 31 MMT.

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