Spring fieldwork started in the north and west of Kazakhstan


On April 21-30, the south and south-east of Kazakhstan saw mostly favorable conditions for growing winter wheat and completing the sowing of spring cereals. Precipitation occurrences contributed to the accumulation of soil moisture and the development of plants.

Winter wheat in Almaty, Zhambyl and South Kazakhstan regions is at the stages of tillering – lower stem node, stem elongation – lower stem node. Plant height ranges from 6 to 27 cm. Crop condition is mainly good and excellent.

In Almaty, Zhambyl and South-Kazakhstan regions, early-planted spring barley was at the following stages on April 21-30: germination – formation of nodal roots, germination – tillering, emergence – tillering. Crop condition is rated good and excellent. Plant height varies within 11-34 cm.

Spring wheat in Almaty and Kyzylorda regions is at the stages of third leaf – formation of nodal roots, formation of nodal roots – tillering.  It is in good condition. Plant height reaches 10 cm. Planting of spring wheat has begun in East Kazakhstan region.

Farmers in the northern, western and central regions have started spring fieldwork. Planting of corn for grain continues in the south.

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