Spring frost events in Ukraine did not impact cereals substantially


The night frost events of May 10-11 had generally no significant adverse impact on field crops, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Much heavier damage was caused to winter and spring crops by frost occurrences of April 18-22, which somewhat slowed down development of early cereals and emergence of late crops. Leaf tips got damaged in isolated fields of spiked cereals, but this did not affect their productivity.

Such weather conditions did not adversely impact the state of winter cereals. Plants of these crops are primarily in good and fair condition, passing the stages of stem elongation and flag leaf emergence. They are even at the beginning of heading in some of early-seeded southern fields.

Plants of winter crops have slightly yellowed in some fields. The reason is a soil temperature drop to less than +80C at the 10-cm depth. This blocks phosphorus fixation by plants. At the same time, nitrogen fixation is going on, though at a slower pace – this also causes leaf yellowing and other symptoms of plant starvation.

Early spring cereals and pulses are at the stage of 2-4 true leaves. Late spring crops of early and ultra-early planting dates are at the emergence stage.

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