Sri Lanka. Five new sugar factories to produce 50% of demand by 2022


Primary Industries Minister and former Sevanagala Sugar Industries owner Daya Gamage recently said that five new sugar factories would be set up in Sri Lanka within the next few years.

He said that the policy plan on the matter has already been finalized and added that with this move, Sri Lanka would be able to locally produce 50 percent of its sugar demand by 2022.

Gamage said the sugar production in the country currently caters only to about 8 percent of the sugar demand.

“We only produce sugar and also ethanol through sugar cane. But we also can produce fertilizer, biogas and energy as by-products. That’s how you expand your business,” he said.

“When I bought Sevanagala in 2002 for Rs.550 million, there were about 2200 workers. Then I paid another Rs.350 million as compensation, which saw the number of workers reduced to around 400. I heard that after the government took it over again, there are around 1200 workers.”

Along with Pelwatta Sugar, Sevanagala was taken over by the Rajapaksa government under the Underperforming Enterprises and Underutilized Assets Bill in 2012.

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