State Fiscal Service of Ukraine published a report on vegoil exports and imports


According to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, vegoil exports in January-November 2017 totaled 5.593 MMT to an amount of USD 4.185 Bl., reports UkrAgroConsult.

In particular, exporters shipped abroad 5.345 MMT of sunflower, safflower and cotton oils to an amount of USD 3.99 Bl. The largest volumes went to India (USD 1.439 Bl worth, or 36.1% of their exports in value terms), China (USD 409.624 Ml worth, or 10.3%) and Spain (USD 388.503 Ml worth, or 9.7%). Exports to other countries totaled USD 1.753 Bl (43.9%). The commodity’s share in overall exports reached 10.1%.

Soybean oil exports totaled 155.027 KMT to an amount of USD 116.717 Ml. Also, 64.18 KMT of rape and mustard oils (worth USD 51.464 Ml) were shipped abroad.

At the same time, Ukraine imported 212.401 KMT of vegoils to an amount of USD 183.465 Ml in January-November. In particular, palm oil imports totaled 200.341 KMT to an amount of USD 158.001 Ml, imports of coconut and palm kernel oils totaled 8.676 KMT to an amount of USD 15.452 Ml, and olive oil imports reached 1.048 KMT to an amount of USD 5.098 Ml.



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