State Fiscal Service of Ukraine summed up vegoil exports and imports


According to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, 6.018 MMT of vegoils were exported in 2017 (up 1.176 MMT from last year), which were worth USD 4.507 Bl (up USD 0.803 Bl), reports UkrAgroConsult.

In particular, sunflower oil, safflower oil and cotton oil exports totaled 5.757 MMT to an amount of USD 4.302 Bl. The largest volumes went to India, which imported USD 1.574 Bl worth of vegoils (36.6% of their total exports), China (USD 455.255 Ml worth, or 10.6%) and Spain (USD 422.283 Ml, or 9.8%). Exports to other countries totaled USD 1.85 Bl (43%). The export share of this commodity group in monetary terms reached 9.9%.

In 2017, soybean exports totaled 166.525 KMT to an amount of USD 125.445 Ml, while rape oil and mustard oil exports made up 64.203 KMT to an amount of USD 51.483 Ml.

At the same time, Ukraine imported 225.38 KMT of vegoils in 2017 (up 15.05 KMT) to an amount of USD 194.441 Ml (up USD 17 Ml). Palm oil imports totaled 212.798 KMT to an amount of USD 167.66 Ml, cocoa and palm kernel oil imports made up 8.794 KMT worth USD 15.658 Ml, and olive oil imports were at 1.168 KMT worth USD 5.621 Ml.

As reported before, UkrOliyaProm Association preliminarily estimates that the fat-and-oil trade increased 13.8% in 2017 to over USD 5.77 Bl against USD 5.07 Bl a year ago.



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