Sunoil exports from Kazakhstan reaching a record high


An all-time high of 4.9 KMT of sunoil was supplied from Kazakhstan to foreign markets in January 2017. Looking into the export dynamics of the first five months of each season, periods of high and minimum exports alternated from 2008 till 2014. By 2013/14, exports had reached 13.6 KMT – the highest point for the time. The following two seasons saw a decrease in sunoil exports to 12 KMT in MY 2015/16. The current season 2016/17 proves to be the most successful for Kazakhstan: a record 16.7 KMT was exported in the past five months, UkrAgroConsult notes.

Kazakh sunoil is shipped to its traditional destination markets, i.e. to Kazakhstan’s neighbors. Among them, the top importers are China (52% of total exports) and Tajikistan (27%).

As a reminder, sunseed exports are on the rise after a bumper crop of 0.8 MMT.



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