Sunseed production margin in Ukraine decreased almost 22% in 2017


The State Statistics Service of Ukraine reports that sunseed production profitability on farms equaled 41.3% in 2017, i.e. 21.7% less than 63% in 2016. As a reminder, sunseed production margin reached 236.5% in 1990.

Taking into account that this year’s statistics indicate a rise in agricultural production costs, farmers will most likely gain still lower profits from sunseed growing than a year ago.

According to the State Statistics Service, agricultural production costs increased 13.6% in January-May 2018 against the same period last year. In particular, total costs of crop production were up 12.4% year-on-year. Agricultural production costs, including those in the crop-growing sector, were 0.8% higher in May than in April.




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