Svarog West Group expanding its presence in the EU market


Svarog West Group Corporation expands the presence of its produce in the European Union’s market, said Svarog deputy board chairwoman Inna Meteleva. The company increased its produce exports to the EU in 2014 due to larger plantings and significant production of niche crops (mustard, oil flax, kidney beans, and pumpkin seeds) and quality non-GM soybeans.

“Growing niche crops has opened new markets to the company. In addition, at the beginning of 2015, Svarog West Group joined the European Danube Soya Association, which comprises all participants of the European non-GM soybean market (from seed producers to trading networks selling soybean products) that gives the corporation new opportunities for European partnership in this area,” said Inna Meteleva.

The company also finds that it is promising to develop the production of organic produce, as part of Svarog West Group’s farm land is certified for growing such produce. The latter enjoys significant demand in the EU and can also become a strategic export article.

Agri & Food Export Forum was organized by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) with support from the Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry of Ukraine. The forum is purposed to gather key agricultural sector players to discuss practical solutions for entering EU markets.





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