Switzerland. Additional imports to be expected


In Switzerland, the total losses due to the late freeze on agricultural production could exceed CHF 100 million (€ 92 million) for fruit crops.
The largest losses are recorded by fruit production. The damage is different in different regions and cultures. For apple production losses are estimated at CHF 42 million (EUR 38 million) and for cherry production at CHF 25 million (EUR 23 million).
This year the volumes of cherries could reach only 1/4 of the normal volumes. For apples and pears the losses would reach 1/3 of the volumes. Prune production would be reduced by 67% and apricots by 50%. The situation is less perilous for the production of berries with losses estimated at 20% for strawberries.
Swiss consumers will have more difficulty in obtaining domestic products, but no shortage is to be feared. Missing quantities will be offset by imports.


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