Switzerland for the year increased exports of cheese by 2.5%


The export of Swiss cheese by the end of 2016 increased by 2.5% to 70.2 thousand tons, is spoken in the message of the Swiss Association of producers of cheese, Switzerland Cheese Marketing (SCM)

According to the report, despite numerous obstacles, among which the SCM calls the Russian food embargo, the high rate of the Swiss franc and the abolition of the system of milk quotas in Europe, exports to Europe grew by 2.7%. The main export destinations for Switzerland were Germany (31 thousand tons, a growth of 1.9%), Italy (10.8 thousand tons, an increase of 5%), France (5.4 million tonnes, an increase of 15%).

For the year exports of cheese increased by 2.5% to 34.6 thousand tonnes, semi-hard – by 2.8% to 19.8 thousand tons, mozzarella cheese and unseasoned by 4.1%, to 6 thousand tons. The most popular steel cheese "Emmentaler" (17.5% of sales, 12.3 thousand tons) and "gruyère" (17,2%, 12,1 thousand tons). Export "Tilsiter", on the contrary, decreased by 22%.

The revenue of the cheese producers for the period rose 0.7% to 604,2 million francs (€566 million


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