Taiwan. A new product to eliminate durian odor problems


The durian, is often nicknamed "King of the fruits", but it is also known to emit such an unpleasant odor that it is prohibited in public transport in several countries of Southeast Asia. Researchers at Thammasat University have unveiled a new product that maintains maximum freshness and eliminates unpleasant odors.
After several years of work, the researchers have just presented their innovative product. Based on the Active Coating technique, it is a coating made of several natural fibers mixed with active carbon to absorb the undesirable odor. With a thickness of 2 to 3 millimeters to avoid cracking of the skin which causes the diffusion of odors, it maintains freshness and flavor up to 2 weeks.
100% efficiency according to scientists. The application of the coating will cost 2-3 baht per fruit (0.0588 USD / 0.0882 USD) to the producer who will be able to reap the fruits at the peak of their maturity and plan for easier shipments to foreign markets.
Last year Thailand exported durians worth around USD 499 million (17.4 billion baht), an increase of 31.87% compared to 2015. In particular to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan .


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