Tanzania: Rise in Prices for Chicken, Rice

Chicken and rice prices have gone up in Mwanza City's main market as the holiday season nears.
A survey, conducted by The Citizen shows that mature local chicken is currently retailing at Sh15,000 up from Sh8,000 a few days ago while that of a mature exotic chicken breed is now fetching between Sh10,000 and Sh12,000 from Sh8,000 and Sh9,000 a few days ago.
As for rice, consumers in the city are now paying between Sh2,200 and Sh2,400 per kilogram depending on quality, up from Sh2,000 and Sh2,100.
The chairman for the Mwanza City's main market, Hamad Nchora told The Citizen yesterday that at least 400 chickens are supplied at the market every day.
"Apart from the looming Christmas and New-Year holidays, celebrations such as students' graduations and weddings have also triggered the price increase for chicken and rice," he said, noting that the situation will be the same for beef.
Mr Nchola noted that retail price for meat is currently at Sh5,000 in many selling butcheries and that the price is expected to rise soon.
Mwanza City's main market has a total of 500 stalls, out of which, 15 are butcheries.
A livestock officer for the Mwanza City Council, Mr Onesmo Wilson said supply for cattle at the main abattoir has so far remained constant despite an antivipated increase in demand, precipitated by the coming holiday season.
At least 200 cows are slaughtered in Mwanza every day.

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