Tanzania. Silos to Protect Farmers Against Post-Harvest Grain Losses


Metal silo, a storage facility introduced by Helvetas Swiss Inter-cooperation Tanzania, is determined to prevent post-harvest loss of grain amongst smallholder farmers in the central corridor of Tanzania.

Helvetas a Swiss NGO, is running Grain Post-harvest Loss Prevention Project and is funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) Under the Embassy of Switzerland in Tanzania.

The project aims to reduce postharvest grain losses for improved food security and incomes of smallholder farmers and disadvantaged groups in the central corridor. The project facilitates linkages between manufactures and suppliers of different post-harvest technologies, like metal silos and PICS Bags for famers.

Mr Gasper Luanda one of the farmers, told the 'Daily News' in Lindi recently that principally he is a farmer from outside the project intervention area as he hails from Tanga Region, but has been benefiting from the use of metal silo.


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