Thailand: Commerce Ministry pushes forward upgrade of Thai rice quality


The Ministry of Commerce continues to strive to raise the quality of Thai rice while promising to take action against sellers of substandard grains.

Ms Suthatsanee Rajruangrabin, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade, chaired the launch of a project to promote public awareness of the praying hands logo, which is used to certify Thai jasmine rice. When displayed on the package of rice sold domestically, the logo guarantees that the product's quality is on par with that of exports.

To date, the praying hands logo has been issued to 216 brands of rice belonging to 142 companies. Among them, six brands under two companies have received special certification for exceptional production hygiene in accordance with GMP and HACCP or ISO standards.

Random inspections of rice products are being carried out by the Commerce Ministry on a monthly basis. Should substandard grains be found, the responsible company will receive a warning letter. If two discoveries are made within one year, the company will have its permit suspended for three months and be required to take the inferior grains off the shelves in 15 days. The permit will be revoked if three offenses turn up within two years.


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